Ongoing Maintenance

TogaTech products and services may experience intermittent downtime as we transfer to our new servers.

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Uptime Monitoring System

Past Incidents

March 1, 2021

Ongoing Maintenance

Update - Many of our products and services have been successfully moved to our new servers, including sites with complex server-side functions that needed to be fully reconfigured. We expect the transfer to be fully complete within the next few days.
Mar 26, 18:15 PST

Identified - TogaTech products and services may experience intermittent downtime as we transfer to our new servers.
Mar 1, 8:09 PST

Feb 23, 2021

Uptime Monitoring System Under Maintenance

Identified - Our uptime monitoring system is slow and brings the server under load since uptime is checked on page load on a user-by-user basis. We will be reworking the system to monitor uptime in the backround to provide an uptime log and significantly speed up page load and the server in general.
Feb 23, 18:04 PST

Nov 17, 2020

Major Service Outage - All Website Access

Resolved - Our hosting provider is back up and running. In the future, we will not need to rely on a hosting provider when we switch to dedicated on-site servers.
Nov 17, 20:25 PST

Update - It seems that our hosting provider's entire global network is completely offline. Millions of sites are offline, and tens of thousands of customers have reported this issue.
Nov 17, 20:05 PST

Identified - We are experiencing issues accessing sites over the TogaTech network. However, certain services which use WebSockets (such as TogaBot) would still running normally if they were not down for scheduled maintenance.
Nov 17, 19:47 PST

Nov 14, 2020

Indefinitely Scheduled Maintenance - TogaBot Discord Bot

Resolved - We have officially discontinued the TogaBot Discord Bot due to lack of resources (server and development). Due to the complex nature of the code which was not written for scalability, it is difficult for us to transfer to a more scalable model. However, we will be launching a new product, ConvoCoin, which will use scalability principles from the start to prevent further issues.

Identified - Since TogaBot has continued to go offline daily after exceeding ratelimits, we are taking the bot offline to optimize it. We think that we are exceeding our I/O limits on the database, and our server provider is forcefully closing the WebSocket, causing us to login again to the Discord gateway, which counts towards our ratelimits. Therefore, we will be reworking our database structure for higher efficiency.
Nov 14, 10:12 PST

Oct 17, 2020

Temporary Partial Service Disruption - TogaBot Discord Bot

Resolved - The bot still exceeds the ratelimits. For now, TogaBot may go offline intermittently after exceeding the ratelimits and await regeneration of the API token until we can find a more permanent solutions.
Oct 27, 7:46 PST

Update - TogaBot has continued to exceed the ratelimits for the past few days. We are taking the bot offline to fix the issue.
Oct 22, 7:13 PST

Update - We have regenerated the token and are able to reconnect to the Discord gateway. This seems to be a recurring issue, so we'll continue to look in to what is happening.
Oct 17, 7:27 PST

Identified - TogaBot went offline again after exceeding Discord's ratelimits.
Oct 17, 7:17 PST

Oct 16, 2020

Temporary Partial Service Disruption - TogaBot Discord Bot

Resolved - We've reinstalled the correct version of node.js and node modules.
Oct 16, 12:30 PST

Update - It seems that something is wrong with the version of node.js and discord.js on our servers. We are looking into the issue.
Oct 16, 7:27 PST

Identified - TogaBot went offline at 0:26 PST after mysteriously exceeding Discord's ratelimits.
Oct 16, 7:24 PST